Hi, I am Marianna!
I am Italian artist, currently living in the Netherlands. 
Born and raised in a small lovely own near the Alps, in the North-West of Italy, I studied Fine Arts in the Fine Arts Academy in Torino (Italy), where I got the three-years degree in Sculpture and the Master degree in Painting. 
There I had the fortune, with teachers very different from each other, to develop either an academic approach (now mainly expressed with paintings) and a contemporary and conceptual approach. 
This last is actually the most interesting, for me to explore: my installations are a trip between music, rhetoric and visual arts, they are a different way to study and translate musical pieces, or scores, in a physical way.
I study music since I was seven, piano. In the past few years I had the great opportunity to become aware of the amazing word of the historical piano researches, the early keyboard instruments and the philological approach to music scores and performances. 
That knowledge has been enlightening, they opened me to a new point of view. 
Why do I say that? Well, because what I do in my installations is to use that philological approach to understand the codes I am investigating in a musical piece (harmony, rhetoric, polyphony etc.) and translate them and propose them in a different form. 
Like playing them in another way. 
Installations are my possibility to express myself, and put together all my passions. 
Installations can put together the different natures that live inside me: artist and musician; historical/old fashion and contemporary.


 2020 February, 21
At Rotterdam, with a musical performance and an installation inspi red by the music of “Dido and Aeneas” of Henry Purcell (1689)

2019 December
1st prize at the painting competition Domus Artis Mater At Caserta (Napoli, Italy)

2018 May 10 – June 3
 At Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti di Torino (Italy) with a work, now part of the permanent collection of the Collezione Civica di FIBER ART of the city of Chieri, Italy

2016 June 18 – July 17
Young Fiber Art Contest At Imbiancheria del Vajro, Chieri (Italy) 2016

July 1 – October 31
Youth art biennale At Forte of Franzensfeste (Italy) 

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